Shallow Waters Run Deep

Why does anyone break and make a slave to its unrefined dormant level and never properly educate it, then let it out of its cage? How some people walk the streets verses those who creep. Shallow waters run deep. From being able to see my feet to losing sight of them in blood filled murky waters. Light jabs at the aftermath. How long will this last as the traditional downplay continues?

Shallow Waters Run Deep

This piece is merely apart of my darkest innermost secrets revealed and rehearsed while standing in front of a steam stained mirror. Let’s dive in, get deeply engulfed and immersed within a pool of shattered seashell souls. Blurry thin lines on the nightstand of an unknown substance and it goes a little something like this. The truth unleashed. Hear these shifted gears of thoughts, now released.

(The sound of a sports car engine roars, gears grind then shift)

Wrapped inside her arms feeling warm like a goose down quilt. Better yet, more like a child with better judgement and keen instinct drinking Virgin Mary’s carnation butter breast milk. How shallow will it be of me to think in the back of my mind if she will swallow? Deep down that’s how I roll. Just so you know. No time to waste and to deceive or make promises I can’t keep.

(The sound of a sports car gears grind then shift)

How many people choose to look the other way simultaneously in a harmonizing manner because it doesn’t affect them directly? Instead they ignore the subject by not talking about the great elephant who sits in the corner, in the back of the classroom. Some things are desperately in need to change; the uneven yoke in our communities and in our different countries.

(Shifting gears)

The poverty, mayhem, inadequate healthcare, drugs, crime, welfare, massive layoffs, the incarceration rate and the profit that’s made. The disenchantment, the great divide, misconduct, the rape, babies having babies, the abuse and total disrespect of women.

The frustration. The absence of mothers and fathers. Both parents can be in the household and still not be present. Domestic violence. Global civil unrest. The controversy that hovers around a dollar and a dream; playing lotto and the luck of 7 numbers.

Let’s talk about the homelessness. Unemployment. The hopelessness of an American reality. The many oceans crossed. The rivers which becomes the bed we lay in. The love and hate relationship of a people. The self destruction of a family. The killing and the fear. The ugliness of being an African American televised on the news. The privilege of being of European decent. The beauty of it all. The small, thin slices of ice cream cake distributed, disguised and called, success.

The disparity, poor education, the division of equal communities. The despair. The media’s one sidedness depiction of a people without coverage of fair balance of the truth. The declared war that’s unspoken. The racism deeply woven into the fabric of our society. The attempt to be loyal to two different worlds. Can a person truly serve two kings?

The heartbreak and pain. How race always becomes a record breaking issue when crime is involved. Political contracts and bloodbaths. How long will it last? When will the neglect end? When will we as a people properly deal with issues affecting groups in communities which continue to go unaddressed?

People should be responsible and held accountable for their actions. Individual atonement and revealing the story of the wholeness of a people.

(A distant sound of gears shift)

Knowing the difference between utter murmuration and murmur from a flock of drunken people’s hallucinations. The pattern is a cosmic circle like the rings around Saturn. Being able to subtract the abstract concepts of love and a cutie we often misconstrue as beauty. For whatever the reason, rhyme or season. People all over the world get high just to get by. Some choose to live while other choose to die. This is not a historical metaphorical resurrection of Gods protection. Not to mention the static connection of man’s inventions only brings us together then separate us. That’s why we multiply, subtract then head for the sky before we die. Only some wonder why. Only a few will understand the master plan.

What’s the difference between your block and my blog?

On my blog…

The clouds are grey
It rains every day
They hold glocks
Stand on the corner
Of every city block
Run from the cops
Living in the shadows
Always looking over our shoulder
Praying for better days
No fairytales
Just hoop dreams
Sports, rap and entertainment
Things aren’t always what it seems

On your block…

Across town
From the projects
The streets are sunny
No clouds in the sky
People spending and counting money
No care in the world
Joy and happiness
For every boy and every girl
Assuring poverty never
Knocks on their door
Sequels of Cinderella, Snow White
And The 7 Dwarfs

On my blog…

The pain
The hopelessness
And more of the same
It reflects the nightmare
Where happiness is rare
Deferred dreams are shared
Fire engines and ambulances
Roar and race through the battered streets
There’s never a peaceful night for sleep and always subject to be separated and conquered 

On your block…

All possibilities are clear
All things can be achieved
Days are full with promise
Without despair
Options galore
Where voices aren’t ignored and to conquer all in their path
Where communities are constructed
Schools resemble campuses
Having a sea of time…
Yellow leafs covering oak tree streets
Skylines, ocean view and yachts
Diamond filled rings and watches
People profiting from human trafficking

Your world…

Welcome to Harlem’s blog corner
Which transforms into a blog block
Sharing a point of view of a blog life
Better known as a reality blog world
Moving towards to a free blog nation
Free from satin
Focusing on better days
Stimulating a mental revolution
Sidestepping the devils institution
Surrounded by retardation
Simply, follow me

(The sports car screeches to a grinding halt)

Measure this blog by its actions
From the beginning to the end
Don’t take pieces from this “Blog Life” or a piece from a page of this blog and say this is what Harlem is about.

You should know better than to attach a label on a person and place them on a shelf.

Shallow Waters Run Deep

Lil Boys and Girls

Get hit by cars

When they’re crossing the street

They not even safe when they go to sleep

Nobody cares

Nobody speaks…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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