Chronicles of The Black Files: The Apocalypse

All politics is war…

It’s the birth of a new year and the dawn of a new President. A perfect harmonizing setting to pave an old way. The timing was ripe for an unusual chain of events that occurred followed by a perplexed series of well planned specific developments carried out over a dormant period of segmented time. Radical as it may be,  The unseen chain of events. A carefully planned distraction was needed and now set in place as once predicted. As so-called foreign cyber attacks continue to breach military codes and break through firewalls disrupting the stability of the nations economy and national security, the unthinkable occurred with the bounce back of minimal information never to be traced.


Chronicles The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Tuesday – Chicago  – 1415 hrs

(A tenaciouspassionate and beautiful exquisite piano melody plays in the background. Its soft dictating tempo begins to increase revealing a particular traditional setting of a tone. The scene is switched to a close view of a pair of hands feverishly playing, stylishly and gracefully towards its ultimate climax of what’s to come. These hands belong to, Donnie “Blackie” Whitehead. The camera moves slowly from his hands up to his face).

Donnie slowly turns his head with a disturbing unforgettable glowing shine on his face and a cold, glaring twinkle in his eyes saying, “There’s a new sheriff in town and I brought a brand new shovel. Anyone in relations… Whoever put in work for Feffe will get buried in the dirt and laid down like a filthy comforter set.”

The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles of The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Tuesday Atlanta, Georgia – 1430hrs

A scary, dramatic dark, cloudy overcast threatens rain and can be seen from a distance. People whom are screaming, run, hide and seek protective shelter as the sun instantly hides behind a mysterious semtex cloud and looms. The silent storm seemed to have come out from nowhere just before the moon was seen peeking through. Nearby residents in view of the site either packed their bags in panic, headed for the highway, hiked on foot to higher grounds or in droves had driven to the airport all in fear of what next will come.

A cool breeze develops. A subdued climate is felt before the oncoming storm. A ragging wind develops blowing dead leaves forming a spiraling circle resembling an oncoming tornado. The reaction of rats, mice, stray dogs, cats and pigeons sense something entirely different.

(As the piano continue to play softly in the background a camera lens is fixed on a close view of a single military helicopter approaching a smoke filled government building. As the camera slowly zooms out the scene is switched to a wide view displaying three additional military helicopters hovering the targeted site. A close view of an uneven structure with the entire 3rd floor of the building gone. The weight of the upper portion of the building was feared to collapse. It revealed the damage of an explosion capable enough to level an entire floor with intense magnitude and disastrous proportions never seen before in the state of Georgia).

Lights flashing. Sirens blowing. People with black soot on thier faces stood still in silence while some wander around in disbelief as others sit quietly on the ground in shock. Fire trucks, ambulances, news vans and other emergency vehicles block off the crowded outside area of the scene.  Tired and overworked Police officers in protective gear and masks wait for further instructions after securing the outside perimeter of 100 yards keeping civilians, reporters and their camera crew who tried to jump over well established barricades struggle to keep the evacuated personnel contained. Victims located in a makeshift triage area cling to their lives. Some died from asphyxiation on their own blood, while the others were being treated by the burn unit. Inside the perimeter, in a secured area, federal agents in similar protected gear and masks are seen standing in a rubble filled parking lot, sifting through the rumble for evidence must’ve felt like a tiring, endless eyesore of a marathon under the electric fluorescent night lights; sorting and searching for clues. Perhaps someday they will learn the truth behind the bombing. 

The smell of rain fills the air, dark clouds move in as the storm approaches. A thick black cloud forms and the overpowering pungent aromatic smell of jet fuel, concentrated sodium nitrate with diesil fuel mixed together into the contaminated air becomes overwhelming and chocking. The shameful dilemma behind the saying, “Nothing changes… except what has to” comes to mind.

The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles of The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Earlier that day

Somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia – 1355hrs

Private eyes lose track of a man dressed in a photocopier repairman’s uniform. The bulkiness of his attire captured the attention of a duty agent scanning the CCTV activities from an upper level floor. Switching views, a camera captures the man ambling entering the door of a unsecured ground floor, privatly owned cafe of a government building. What the camera couldn’t capture was the killing of three armed on duty security officers, four cafe workers and six government employees. The gun man exited and entered another unsecured door leading to the inside main lobby area. Over the years, this point of entry was a known to be a security breach. The second door leading to the lobby was not issued a keypad lock. The gun men enters the lobby of the building where a additional security officer was shot in the back of his head and killed. A total of 13 people were killed before anything was captured by surveillance cameras.

Surveillance footage of the lobby showed a slumped over security officer laying across the desk and a single gun man entering the main lobby elevator # 4. Several automatic shots were heard fired. Another government employee was killed while attempting to exit the elevator. Agents from different floors, hearing the gunfire and watching the cameras scramble to the scene. The gun man reloads and gets off on the 3rd floor. Cameras capture the man exiting the elevator and unzipping his jacket exposing what looks like a semtex vest. The intruder is also wearing a black backpack.

Agents in the lobby check the fire exits, stairwells, elevators and begin to check every floor. The elevator door opens on the third floor. A single secured door on the 3rd floor is buzzed open. A green light registers on the electronic keypad next to the door sets off a alarm with a computer voice module warning, “Intruder Alert”. The intruder gains access to the offices then everything goes black. The gun man was located, shot and killed after gaining access of a secured door. Bullets that struck the backpack set off an unprecedented explosion.

56 people dead, bagged and toe tagged with their own label. 17 people injured.

The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles of The Black Files: The Apocalypse

New York City – 1530hrs

The paralyzing sounds of News & Police helicopters hovering and passing can be heard from a distance. The ground shakes as the thrust of rotating blades spin maintaining their overview position of the killing field below. This is not a test or a dream. Nor is it a facade and it’s defiantly not the 4th of July. Scorched earth has been revealed and delivered. Unnecessary blood has been spilled. The target zone is the Upper Westside better known as, Cocaine Alley.

The crossing of two giants emerge and the infinite possibilities impossible to measure for one.

The Targeted Area: Cocaine Alley (8 New York City blocks located from 146th street to 154th street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue).

The Targeted Source: El Jefe, Pablo Martinez and his twin brother Fablo Martinez (supplier and main distributor of the product coccinea). Both terrorized the community forcing residents out of their apartments while turning citizens into crackheads and coked-out zombies throughout the streets of Harlem for more than two decades.

The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles of The Black Files: The Apocalypse

 New York City – 1440hrs

Seagulls squalling over head. Taxi cabs and other car horns blow in the air. People rush across the street and onto the sidewalk like bees swarming around leaves on trees.  Six moving UHaul trucks and eight 16 wheeler tracker trailer trucks packed with drones, C4 and Semtex explosives move into position. An overkill more than capable of completing the task.

Squadrons of modified phantom quadcopter drones are deployed. The sounds of dead men walking from out of the furnace of hell could be heard from a nearby distance as they troll between the shadows of the streets during the night in the rain. These men were previously considered to have been killed in action during tours in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Desert Storm. There’re mercenaries for hire now released upon the city streets of New York. This would later become a delicious and priceless value pack for the buck attached with bedtime stories to scare children for years to come.

“We will test the will of Jefe’s men and see what the enemy is made of. Nothing is to be left behind except fire, rubble, bodies and pain. All evidence of this mission must be destroyed like 9/11. Have the laundry team take their positions.” said, Donnie.

The deployment of a Ghost Recon team, Shadow Unit carried out a seek, search, destroy, and recovery mission of hardware, software and product, organized and financed by yours truly, Donnie “Blackie” Whitehead. Blackie, a prime figure and chief executioner for the Alphabet City Giovanni Crime Family gave the order of the eradication and cleansing of the targeted area and source.

“Every person, place or thing has a label and a price. Money buys choices. More money equates to better and greater options. I have plans for this area. I also have unfinished business with Jefe” said, Blackie.

On the streets of alphabet city he was smooth and sure of himself. For year Blackie worked hard for the family. He put in his dues but now other people do the heavy lifting while he takes all the credit. When he walked he would float like an angel with a dirty face that moved with zing. Donnie’s ostentatious character and reputation preceded himself. Blackie was known to be a slog of a soldier based on the work he put in over the years for the Giovanni family. He didn’t believe in playing pretend. Blackie, along with his side family played for keeps. He was only generous to those who are loyal to him. At this moment Blackie’s main focus is to carve out a piece of real estate for himself and resolve, seize and capture prime drug related territory. To seize this location along with its circulation of primo Peruvian cocaína is the main focus. The infinite world of the internet created a gateway by the means of cyberspace warfare. Authorities will not make the connection. This method and the use of high tech computer crimes was vital and crucial in carrying out this critical and deadly assault. Obtaining a hacker with the right software and hardware was crucial in order to plant a mole inside of East Asia’s intelligence satellite. It became imperative to complete this fragile and complex mission headed and designed by, Donnie “Blackie” Whitehead.

Every camera and weapon mounted with explosives along with armor piercing bullets had its own separate modified ultra low powered mini wireless frequency/receiver channel logged-in from a remote laptop controlled from a hacked Direct TV satellite from several undisclosed locations. It took 3 days for a demolition team to plant low range frequency wireless transmitters throughout an 8 city block radius without being detected while secretly installing explosives in 48 apartment buildings known to belong to El Jefe, king of cocaine alley which became over the years a mosh-pit of crackheads and junkies. Every other week Jefe would move his death labs from one building to the next. It took two weeks of surveillance to map out the pattern of Jefe’s drug movement throughout the 48 apartment buildings.

In less than 8 minutes his mission was complete.

The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles The Black Files: The Apocalypse

“Mama, Papa” A small child standing in a pile of rubble crying holding her mother’s limp hand.  The victim’s small mouth and innocent round blue eyes instantly became wide and huge during the blast from the explosion. Her face charred, blackened from the fire leaving burn marks across the little girls face and body. The Scrap metal from the blast detached her father’s leg and gutted his stomach. The surprising and sudden gush of blood filled the air spraying a warm shower that excited  Blackie.

One man tried to plea bargain for his life giving up the whereabouts of Jefe’s mother. The hole in his chest tempted him to sweeten the deal.  Blackie methodically approached and stood over him before the victim was finally put out of his misery. “This is my open invitation to war. I already have Jefe’s mother. We will break them and slit their throats and place them upon a carousel for the world to see. We will destroy their homes turning them into wastelands should they oppose our might. There will be no mercy for the weak. I will crush all that are against us and those who disagree“. Bang!

The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles The Black Files: The Apocalypse

Chronicles The Black Files: The Apocalypse



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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